Kennel Little Jewels Chihuahua's

About us

First of all, nice that you have found the site of Little Jewels Chihuahuas! My name is Petra Herwaarden and along with my oldest daughter Kelly, we have our kennel Little Jewels.

The kennel Little Jewels is located in North Brabant Macharen, next to the city of Oss. About 11 years ago I started as a hobby breeder with two chihuahua's. In 2009 we moved to Brabant from Rotterdam and I quit my job to take care of my father. I then gradually to expand the pack chihuahua's. Meanwhile Little Jewels has become a real "company" and even an approved apprenticeship! We have therefore now even interns!

We have already 5 generations of nuclear healthy Chihuahuas running around here and we have developed our own pedigrees, which is great fun and we are very proud. We noticed that many people still value the origins of their new puppy. Almost all generations are present here and to see that makes Little Jewels unique in the Netherlands and therefore very special! We aim mainly to breed a healthy puppy that does not have extremely large head, bad joints (patella), large open fonatanel the like. The extremely small gain bred puppies after a year almost always problems and that we want to avoid, just as we want it ever create a healthy, normal built chihuahua. Of course we also have "mini" Chihuahuas, but definitely not less than 1.5 kg.

Because the females in a pack all be together in heat after some time, it may be that we have a lot of puppies in one time and then again a few months very little pups.

If our puppies are moving they are as good as newspaper housebroken and they get the following information:

European Passport or vaccination booklet

If present the family tree

Veterinary health

Puppy Package of Royal Canin

Written purchase agreement you have one year warranty

Comforter or blanket with litter odor

 Pedigree certificate of our kennel

The pups are raised in the living room and well socialized with other, too big, dogs, cats, children etc

All our dogs walk tasty freely on the property and of course at home. All our puppies are socialized in the home. Also all puppies are born here, nothing is imported from Western Europe, unlike many other large kennels.